Monday, May 7, 2012

Real Quick....for Mother's Day!

Hello all!

  Just going to type up a real quick post on what we are doing in our room for Mother's Day.  First, we wrote our Moms a Cinquain poem using Cara Carroll's amazing planning sheet for cinquain poems.  We will be gluing these onto our gift bags (a.k.a. a brown paper  I will post the template we used to make them look all cutesy and such. 

Then, we made these SUPER cute sun catchers which we EXTREMELY easy to make and a great time filler.  All you need is an array of torn/cut butcher paper, a sheet of wax paper, a clipboard, a glue stick, and a heart print out.  Lucky for you I did remember to download my pattern onto Google Docs.  What you have the kiddos do is take the heart print out and wax paper and clip it onto their clipboards.  Then have them spend a countless amount of time gluing piece by piece of the torn/cut butcher paper until their is not more sunlight shining through the wax paper.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to let them know to overlap the pieces so when you pull it off the wax paper it does not fall apart.  Once their heart is completely filled out with no more empty holes, you can SLOWLY peel it off of the wax paper and attach the hanger that says "I love you to pieces."  I hope this makes sense and isn't too confusing.  I will try to post pics tomorrow of a finished heart to give you an idea of what it would look like.  OH and I laminated mine so they would hold up better.

Here is the link for my sun catcher heart pattern.

We will also be making this week a fabric flower corsage.  Here is the link from Pinterest where I found this great idea.  I CANNOT wait to make them. 

Here is the link for the flowers.

Also, instead of a pom pom center, we are going to use the Crayola magic dough to make a small circle thumbprint heart for the center.  Will post pics as soon as possible.

One last thing, the card!  We made ones like the picture below.  They turned out super cute!  Be sure to check out the link!

Here is a link to the card website.

Hope you enjoy and it's not too late!  Come back tomorrow to see some pics!

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