Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fraction Freebie!!!

Well, hello blogging world!  I have not been able to blog in what seems like forever!  Sorry for those of you who follow in hopes for some great, exciting new ideas...I have been such a slacker.  This is my first year teaching and well they don't really tell you just how busy you will be as a teacher.
  Anyways, we have been studying fractions this past week and I have created a freebie just for you!  I started our week by making equal parts ladybugs and unequal parts bumble bees (thanks to Primary Graffiti for the great idea!) and then we opened up an ice cream shop!  We made ice cream sundaes together (on paper) using the recording sheet below.  My kiddos LOVED it!  We had a lot of fun!  There are four examples total to complete together or independently.  We completed three together and then I let them do the last one on their own and share using our document reader (which they love).  Then after we finished up whole group as an independent activity, we made ice cream cones to hang in the hallway.  I will post a picture this week to show you all our display.  We finished up the week making the SUPER cute Fractionpillar's from The First Grade Parade's blog.  My kiddos had a blast with fractions....I hope yours do too!

Feel free to share the freebie with others just let them know where you go it!  (wink, wink)  Thanks for following!

Mrs. Walker

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calpers said...

Just found your blog and love it! It is adorable! I am anxious to download your fraction activity since we are doing that next week but get an error message. Please help! thanks! Cindy