Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Need a Read the Room Activity for long a using ai and ay???

Well you are in luck!  I had planned on purchasing clip art to make this Read the Room activity but then found some great premade cutouts at the Dollar Tree and couldn't resist.

  So I bought five packs of these little cuties...spending a total of $5 mind you. (I know I could have just bought the clip art and had it forever right???  But I would have spent more time and money printing it all and well we all know we don't have much of!

Look at how cute these three are!

Then I made these labels using Word and Avery 42895 Labels (they are a little bit bigger than the return address labels).

What happens when you put these cuties with some labels???

Viola!  Ai and Ay Read the Room Activity!  I have included another freebie for you if you are in the mood to run by the Dollar Tree.  Here is the Recording Sheet and the Labels

We use Thinking Maps at our school (if you don't know what I am talking about click on the link...they are FABULOUS!) so the recording sheet is a Tree Map.  The students basically just use this to sort the long a words into two different groups, ai and ay.  Honestly Thinking Maps are the best things since sliced bread...don't know how or why I have went this long without ever knowing what they are!  

Anyways, hope everyone enjoys this post and thanks for following!

Mrs. Walker


Randi said...

We use Thinking Maps too! I love them. It keeps us organized. Cute idea. Thanks for sharing and creating.


Amy said...

This is a GREAT idea! Thank you!