Sunday, September 11, 2011

Classroom Discipline

 I had somebody ask me about my form of discipline in my classroom.  I have several things going on it my room so we will start with my clip chart.  Last year, I created this system using a worm.  My students received a ticket every morning for getting their agenda signed.  Then at the end of the day they got to get a sticker from my treasure chest for keeping their ticket.  The ticket served as a warning and if at the end of the week they had all 5 tickets the could go to the treat drawer.

This worked fine for my first year but I quickly realized that my behavior worm only monitored bad behavior instead of both positve and negative behavior.  By mid year, I had added an apple for my kids to clip up to which really changed the behavior of my classroom.

So this past summer, I sat and thought what I could do for the upcoming year.  Although I loved my worm, it was not exactly what I wanted.  Then I was blog stalking and saw a post from Jodi over at Fun in First Grade where she had created a clip chart on Vistaprint.  I GENIUS!  I could actually create EXACTLY what I wanted and make it EXACTLY how I wanted it to look.  So here is what I am using this year.

It is PERFECT!!  My kids have responded so well to it too!  My chart is a large banner from vistaprint.  It is fairly big but I think it is a good size.  My students can clip up or down however once they pass the yellow/friendly reminder they cannot clip up anymore.  I have not had any MAJOR issues with behavior (knock on wood) so far this year. 

I also created a sort of money earning system in my classroom as well.  I bought small paws of four different colors.  Each paw is worth a different amount: 1, 5, 10, and 25 (sound familiar??).  My students can earn paws throughout the day for positive behavior and I can take paws for negative behavior.  Then at the end of the week my students can shop in our classroom store (just a shoe organizer full of goodies).  I forgot to take pictures of it but my students LOVE it!  It really encourages them to stay on task as well as to be on their best behavior.  Each students receives a paw first thing in the morning for having their agenda signed and if my students clip up to red or orange they can earn extra paws.  It is a GREAT system.

These are the paws I used to create the "money" for the store.

Also to encourage "Paw"sitive behavior we use a "Paw"sitve push pin chart.  Students earn push pins if I see them doing something I feel is positive for themselves or others.  Then the students can earn passes once they reach 25.  There are three different passes to earn: computers instead of morning work, rolly chair for the day, or lunch with Mrs. Walker.  They try VERY hard to earn them and it encourages very positive behavior to one another.
  Last but not least we have a "Penny Pizza Party" jar (sorry no pictures).  Instead of brownie points, my class can earn pennies for a pizza party.  They have to work together in order to earn pennies.  It is a class effort not and individual effort.  I give pennies for various things throughout the day.  Once we reach the pepperoni line my students will earn a pizza party.  They cannot wait!  I will try to post pictures this week.

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I find all this very usefull, You have many great ideas. However i have 41 students. i don't know if it will work, but it's worth a try.
Greetings from Aguascalientes México.