Sunday, September 11, 2011

Classroom Tour

WHEW!  What a first month of school!?!?

It has been extremely busy around these parts and I have neglected my blog something horrible.  Lucky for all of you, my hubby is playing golf today so that means I have time to catch up!

I just wanted to start out by giving just a few pics of my classroom.

Welcome to my "Panda"monium....

This is a picture from my desk looking towards the door.  I forgot to do from the door to my desk (imagine that!).  The BIG cut outs on the wall are anchor charts for us to add to throughout the year to teach synonyms, antonyms, compound words, pronouns, homophones, and multi meaning words.  I also have a GIANT question mark on the wall that has all of the "question words" on it.  These work great for a constant reminder to my kiddos!

Here is a look at our birthday cupcakes.  The candles have their names and birthday on them.

Here is our calendar area.  It is not as fancy as some I have seen but it works for us. 

This is our word wall and I just LOVE it because of all the little pandas!

This is our bathroom door that we use to display our work on.  The kiddos love seeing their work around the room.

Above our door is a cute little set of friendly reminders about using our manners.

I created this challenge corner for my early finishers.  It has several different extra practice sheets that have been previously taught.  The students can complete three of these challenges during their extra time to earn positive push pins for the chart (see post here).

Our class rules are listed on the paws....

This is my reading board I created using all of the cute animal helpers.  It sits right behind my kidney table so I can refer to it daily when we read in small group.

 That was a quick little tour around our room.  Nothing fancy but it works.  


Anonymous said...


I love your birthday cupcakes where did you get them from, I really want them for my classroom in september??

Hope you can help


Anonymous said...

How did you get the big cupcakes for birthday calendar? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Please could you let me know where you found the resources for your cupcake display. Many thanks Natalie