Sunday, November 13, 2011

Noun Town!

This year, our school district adopted this new teacher evaluation system.  So, for my first observation I chose to do Noun Town.  Now, I have seen several different Noun Towns on Pinterest which is where I got my inspiration from.  I started our Noun Town by giving each student an index card and a plain sheet of white paper.  The index card had nouns on them that we would see around town.  I told the students to create the noun listed on their card.  They turned out so great! 

Here is our cute little town.

For my observation, we went through our town and made everything a proper noun.  We talked about how proper nouns are more specific and start with a capital letter.  I let each student take their common noun they made and tell me a proper noun to replace it.  They were so good at thinking of proper nouns.  It was a great visual to have!

Don't ya love the!

Check out the Chinese lanterns in our Chef Wang's...too cute!

I created some extra practice pages for morning work and they could totally find all the nouns.  Thanks to all of you bloggers out there for your great idea of Noun Town!

This one is both common and proper.

This one is common nouns only.

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