Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day late dollar short....Subtraction and missing addends!

Boy oh boy... talk about some craziness!  I have been swamped with so much here lately, I have neglected my blog so BADLY.  Please forgive me!  Hope these next few posts and freebies make up for it.

So back like a month ago we taught some subtraction.  LOL!  Just like I did for addition, I made an anchor chart with key words used for subtraction as well as an independent anchor chart for my students to complete.  They are doing fantastic with subtracion! 

After subtraction we went into missing addends and when I searched high and low for stuff dealing with it, I couldn't find a thing.  So I began creating my own powerpoints for missing addends and my kiddos did very well grasping the concept.  The first one I made was about how to be a good detective to find the missing addends.  We talked about the many ways we could look for missing addends, such as we might just know the fact or we could use a number line/fact bracelet.  This was a great visual for my kids and helped them greatly.

Click on the here to download the powerpoint!

The second powerpoint I made was just some practice finding missing addends.  My kids LOVED trying to guess what was behind the magic!

Click on the here to find the powerpoint!

Hope you enjoy!!!


Mindy said...

I loved your addition ideas, and would love to have these, but I can't get anything to download except the word cards. It keeps saying "Not Found Error 404" Any ideas???? Thanks for sharing!!!

Amy said...

Hey there! Could you let me know what you are trying to download and I will see what I can do. Thanks for letting me know!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I was so excited when I came across the missing addends power points...but they won't open. :(

Amy said...

Hey ladies!

If you shoot me an email at, I will send you the stuff via email. Just let me know what you were trying to download. Thanks for following!


Melissa Mayoral said...

Hi I just found your Blog and it is great. I am going to email you now because I am receiving the same error message for the subtraction page!
Thanks for sharing!